Funniest music video in 2020

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This gat to be the funniest music video in 2020. An unknown musician shot a music video featuring a young lady. The title of the song is unknown, the name of the artist is also unknown.

Funniest music. Video

Who produced this song we have no idea, who directed the video we have no clue.

Who told this man he could sing? Well whoever he is or they are is probably in jail by now 🤣

And the girl? I’m sure she has no chores to do reason she is there clowning.

This video could rank as the number one funniest music video of all time.

The Nigerian music industry should watch out the goat has discovered his talent. 🤣🤣🤣

Screenshot 20200801 140740 Screenshot 20200801 140746 1

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Written by Omezah

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