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Sex in the beach


A popular Facebook celebrity has yet again break the internet with a picture with a lady in the beach while his dick points forward while the lady seductively holds onto him. This picture has proven to be mind disturbing as many people sees it to be a private picture and shouldn’t have been uploaded on a global platform for the world to see. Although some see it to be cool.

This young man Emediong Sunday have once trended on a global media platform just like this when he too a backslash for grabbing his sisters’s butt and uploaded it. Emediong Sunday grabs his sister's butt

This made alot of people believe he and his sister must have had a sexual background because she felt so comfortable with it.

He also didn’t stop there, he went further to also upload a picture of him grabbing another lady’s but in and uploading it just has his has always done.

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Many people have started to see this said emediong Sunday’s acts a sexual harassments that should be addressed. Others said he is polluting the internet making it uncomfortable for ladies to bare due to the fact that there are protests concerning rape and molestation.

On the other hand the Facebook celebrity seems not to care about these things he just go ahead to post this sexual contents to increase his followers and for clout chasing.

The confusing thing about this young man is he is referred to as DADDY G.O on on Facebook because he claims to be an  Alpha male that teaches young men not to be a simp which has led many relationships into ending because they yielded to his advices. He teaches men to hate women especially single mothers on a daily basis but this recent dick beach photo has put regrets in the minds of people since they lost their girlfriends but their leader ends up be a simp himself who is sexually active to he opposite sex.

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Screenshot 20200708 102444 1594200629414 5

Sex in the beach

Be careful the advice you practice



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