Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

We gladly appreciate your interest in advertising on Omezahblog  community forum.

Omezahblog run a targeted advertisement platform with which any of  our member can easily access to place advert on the sections of Omezahblog where the people he/she wants to reach are targeted audience ( for example, an artiste could place ads in the entertainment section).

To place Omezahblog, The first step is to get your ads banner design by a good graphic designer. Your ads banner most be borderless, 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size, and in the PNG or JPG format. Once it’s ready, go to and purchase your ads spot then a link will be sent to you via the email you use to purchase the ads then you  upload your banner ads and landing page, and wait for approval. (your ads might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal or morally questionable in some way).

Billing takes place every few minutes and you will get detailed reports on unique clicks and views and charges for each ads or section and for your entire account over various time periods.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,


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